St. Michael's Community Services - More Info

As fore-mentioned, we provide primary care to uninsured residents of Calhoun County, free of charge. This means that we do not accept patients with AllKids, Medicare or Medicaid, or any other type of insurance. Additionally, the patient’s household income must meet the guidelines specified below. You may also find more information about St. Michael’s Community Services, such as our history and our partners, on this page as well.

Clinic History

St. Michael’s Community Services, Inc. was incorporated July 30, 1987. It began its work with the community February 14, 1988 under the leadership of Dr. Neal Canup. The focus of the work was to offer limited medical services to those without access, connect patients to needed resources, provide social services such as patient education, and to provide an organization to which concerned citizens could confidently invest in meeting the needs of those living with health disparities. This continues to be the focus of the organization. Although the work over the years has taken on many forms from volunteer physicians, to supervised medical students providing care, to the utilization of contracts with the Alabama Department of Public Health, to the employment of clinicians treating patients, the passion to serve the community continues. Thousands of patients have been served in West Anniston and the surrounding communities of Calhoun County. In recent years the focus of care has shifted to specifically meet the needs of the poor and uninsured. For the past 10 years, we have employed a clinician (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant) to provide direct primary care to this population.
We currently see patients Wednesdays and Thursdays, walk-ins only. We provide basic primary care services, patient education, and vision screenings. We provide donated medications to patients if available and appropriate. Referrals are made as necessary and if available. Nanette Mudiam, MSN RN joined as the Executive Director in June 2014 and has assisted with the continuum of care for the Clinic’s patient population. Teresa Price, PA joined in July 2015 as the lead clinician and provides direct patient care under the collaboration of Dr. Tamara McIntosh, the Clinic’s Medical Director.

St. Michael’s Community Services Income Guidelines

Effective January 2017 – 200% of Poverty as Established by HUD
Number of Persons in Household        Max Income
1                                                                  $23,760
2                                                                  $32,040
3                                                                  $40,320
4                                                                  $48,600
5                                                                  $56,880
6                                                                  $65,160
7                                                                  $73,460
8                                                                  $81,780
Proof of income can be provided with a copy of Federal income taxes, Social Security, or disability letter. Or, patient can supply the last 3 consecutive weeks of paystubs. If patient is unemployed, a food stamp verification letter or a signed letter by a reference of patient stating he has no income will do at minimum.

HUD presumes that homeless patients are within the lowest income limits. If patient is homeless, please note this on their income worksheet & have patient sign to verify.

*This is a guideline set by HUD. (


Due to limited resources available to meet the needs of our community we strive to not duplicate services and partner with a number of local agencies to assist the needs of our patient population. We became a United Way agency in 2016. We have a partnership with InterFaith ministries to provide assistance for patients to enroll in prescription assistance programs, allowing our patients to access costly medications as no cost. We partner with the Dannon Project, which assists patients impacted by imprisonment. We provide treatment and care to their clients. We partner with the Lions Club of Anniston by providing free vision screenings. Once the screening is complete, Lions Club sponsors a visit to a local optometrist and will also assist with the provision of eye wear or even surgical interventions if required. The Clinic is an Americares partner and receives donated medications from them and gives them to patients in need at no cost. The Clinic is well aware of other local government and non-government agencies and directs our patients appropriately to needed services, such as HIV-positive status, physical abuse, emergent situations, and the like.