Episcopal Church Women

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) sincerely thank all men and women of St. Michael’s who have contributed in any way toward the many functions we oversee, i.e. Bazaar, Palm Sunday Bake Sale, Coffee Hours, Concert Receptions, Funeral Receptions, Annual Meeting Potluck, Bishop’s Visitation Potluck, St. Michael’s Clinic, Sunshine Duties, Baptismal Banners, Graduating Seniors’ Awards, Junior Year Acolyte Crosses, and the Curio Cabinet.

The ECW is a cohesive, dedicated, industrious, and caring group of women who truly love our church.  We support many various charities and outreach ministries, both within and outside of our parish.  Our ECW Business Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month.  We welcome any church member or friend to attend these meetings.