Cursillo, a Spanish word meaning “a short course”, is a movement found in many denominations world-wide. It helps Christians experience God’s love and grace in new ways while also helping them discover and live out their personal ministry in the world. At St. Michael’s, Cursillo is open to all adult Episcopalians, men & women, married or single.

Cursillo begins with a four-day weekend, which begins on Thursday and concludes on Sunday. The weekend includes talks by lay people and clergy, group discussion, lots of music, fellowship and incredible fun.

Following the weekend, new Cursillistas join or form a Reunion Group of 3 to 6.

These weekly reunions are designed to encourage each other to:

  • recognize how God is working in their lives
  • pursue piety (i.e., spiritual aids)
  • embrace their closest moment with Christ during the preceeding week
  • study about God
  • perform apostolic actions
  • learn to do these things as part of the natural rythm of life

Any parishioner can form or be invited to join a Reunion Group whether or not they have attended a Cursillo. If you would like to know more about Group Reunions ask the Ultreya’s Parish Lay Rector. They will be excited to help you become part of one. Monthly gatherings (called Ultreyas) are held in a Cursillista’s home usually on the fourth Sunday of each month. They include singing from the Alleluia III songbooks, group reunions, a lay witness talk, followed by delicious food and wonderful fellowship. Ultreyas are open to everyone in the parish whether they have attended a Cursillo weekend or not. So if you are interested, make plans to attend our next Ultreya. You will be welcomed with open hearts and arms.

Talk with any member of St. Michael’s Cursillo community to find out more about what this way of life can do for you.