Become a Member

One of the questions people often ask is how do I “join” St. Michael’s. First and foremost the answer is simply to come and participate. This includes both worship and involvement in ministry with others. Holy Eucharist is our primary worship on Sunday mornings and is open to all baptized Christians.

St. Michael’s is serious about Christian stewardship and would appreciate your pledge. Our annual campaign is held in the fall, but if you are “joining” at some other time, you can ask the office for a pledge card or simply put your pledge in the offering plate. If you are coming from another church, we would expect that any pledge previously made to them would be honored.

The “official” joining by either transferring your letter of membership from another Episcopal Church (just ask our office to do this for you), or by attending Inquirer’s Classes and being confirmed by the Bishop at his annual visit. Inquirer’s classes are usually held in late summer.

If you have any further questions, please contact the church office: office@stmichaelsanniston.org.