Our Worship

Our liturgy (i.e., “the work of the people”), or worship service may be different from what you have found in other churches. However, there is always someone close by who is just waiting for an opportunity to answer a question or help you find your place in the bulletin.

The beauty of our liturgy is that every element [e.g. Bible readings, standing, kneeling, rope belts, bells, incense] has a specific meaning. The more people have learned about the “why and how,” the richer their worship experience becomes.

Our “dress code” is whatever you feel comfortable in wearing. On any given Sunday, we typically have men in anything from jeans to suits, and women in anything from jeans to dresses. Our belief is that God cares about what is in your heart, not what you are wearing. We await you with open hearts and with open arms when you decide to come join us. All are welcome!